Open for Bottomless Brunch and Dinner Every day! Private Events Available Friday and Saturday from 11pm - 2am call for details!

Mezetto is derived from the word 'Meze' referring to a selection of small dishes that are typically served in Mediterranean cuisine. With a bistro-meets-tavern vibe, Mezetto puts a twist on the traditional. 



Brunch: 10:00AM Daily

Dinner: Sunday-Thursday: 5:00PM-11:00PM

Friday & Saturday: 5:00PM-12:00AM

Setting the tone....

I believe appetizers set the tone for the evening. They prepare the palate for the journey ahead, which is really a journey of flavors. When I sit down with pen and paper -- some chefs still do that! -- I write down ideas, I tweak it in the preparation, I do some food tasting with my staff, and I watch their initial reaction. That can be a very humbling experience! My appetizers are my first line of attack, if you will, for the meal to come. Once the appetizers are perfect, it relaxes the kitchen, it makes us feel that we have a handle on the evening. Our falafel buns are a perfect example of that.


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